Canadian residential development & commercial real estate data solutions

Solutions for all of your real estate data needs

Get the real estate data and market intelligence you need to better manage investment risks, benchmark performance, identify opportunities and strategically plan for your real estate development.  We provide unmatched data and insight into real estate development and investment activity across Canada, including new housing developments, commercial property investments, office and industrial property sales and leasing, national housing market activity, consumer home buying intelligence, and more.

Explore our data solutions and get the support you need for every stage of your acquisition, investment or development.

Altus Data Studio

Channel your inner data scientist with our next-generation platform for real estate data visualization.

In this new and enriched environment, you can take control of how you analyze data and gain the actionable insights you need to jump on your critical business decisions at a moment’s notice.  Altus Data Studio has an easy-to-use interface that makes searching fast and simple, allowing you to understand the data for a multitude of markets and sectors and arrive at a single source of truth, easily and effortlessly.

Market reports

Stay sharp when it comes to your business strategy and get a complete perspective with a variety of unique subscription reports that provide you with analysis, insight and context into key activities and trends in real estate markets across Canada.

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