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Mike Gordon, Chief Executive OfficerI am proud to present our 2020 Sustainability Report highlighting Altus Group’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters that we believe are most important to us as a company and to you as our stakeholders. A core value is to run a company that in all respects conducts itself responsibly and ethically and embeds sustainability in its business practices. Our efforts to expand our ESG program are driven by our commitment to be a good corporate citizen, model employer, and conscientious environmental steward. It’s well-known that companies with strong sustainability strategies deliver improved business performance, but we also see it as the right thing to do to create shared benefits for all our stakeholders.

Simply put, as our employees, customers, shareholders, business partners and communities thrive, we will be best equipped to reach our potential in building a world-class global commercial real estate information services company and drive sustainable growth over the long term.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the important ESG groundwork we are laying at Altus Group to build and operate our business in a sustainable way. We are proud of our progress and remain committed to improving on our standards and programs for years to come.

Mike Gordon, CEO, Altus Group

Environmental stewardship

Our Environmental Policy sets out our commitment to incorporate environmental practices into our business strategy and operations to minimize our environmental impact and to foster environmental awareness and responsibility among our employees, customers, suppliers and other interested parties.

Workplace, culture & community

Altus Group continues to thrive because of the incredible knowledge, talent, creativity, experience and motivation of our 2,200-strong global team. Our people are our greatest asset and we prioritize efforts to attract, retain, develop, reward and motivate them. Critical to this is fostering a corporate culture that leverages our employees’ strengths by promoting a healthy work environment where needs are met, contributions are valued, voices are heard, and innovation is encouraged

85% of surveyed employees stated they were proud to work for Altus Group

(2020 Employee Engagement Survey)

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Diversity, equity & inclusion

Our clients recognize us for our industry expertise, which is directly linked to the knowledge, talent, creativity, experience, and motivation of our employees. As such, we prioritize efforts to attract, retain, develop, reward and motivate an outstanding team. We are committed to fostering a company culture that leverages our employees’ strengths by promoting an environment where needs are met, contributions are valued, voices are heard, and innovation is encouraged. Our global platform means that we need to welcome and accommodate diverse cultures and languages.
A strong commitment to inclusive excellence guides our diversity, equity & inclusion endeavors. Our mission is to help translate that commitment into action. At Altus Group, our goal is to foster a culture that is diverse and inclusive. To do this, we understand that our strength is in our differences and we urge our employees to simply “Be You”.
Ernestine Julue

Manager, Talent, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Corporate philanthropy

Altus Group is committed to making a positive impact in the communities where our employees live and work. We believe that when we support our local communities around the world, we support our employees, customers and other stakeholders. We aim to actively play a role in fostering healthier, successful communities for all our stakeholders. Philanthropy and community involvement are a foundational part of our corporate culture and remains very important to our employees and their well-being.

Download the complete Altus Group 2020 Sustainability report.

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